Nia & EFT at the Autumn Energy Event, November 3 & 4, 2018 in Worcester, MA

I am thrilled to be presenting my unique combination of Nia & EFT at the first ever Autumn Energy Event in Worcester, MA on November 3 & 4. This event is especially designed for energy healers and energy-friendly or energy-curious participants. We will delve into our resistance to moving our bodies with ease and joy, as is our birthright, then we will dance with deeper access to awareness of the sensation of pleasure! Turbo-charged dancing through life!

Besides my presentation, which is scheduled for Saturday evening, there will be 13 other amazing presentations across the two days. The price is only $75, which makes this event affordable even if you can’t attend the entire two days.

I hope you will join us for this exciting inaugural Autumn Energy Event!



Click here to register!

Happy Dancegiving! Family Nia Class

Happy Dancegiving! Family Nia Class
Saturday, November 25

The annual Saturday after Thanksgiving Family Nia class is ON at Gravoxy Fitness Studio, 17 South Avenue, Natick. Come one, come all and dance that turkey away!

Drop-in price is $15. Extra guests in a family group are only $5 each!

I look forward to dancing with you!

Happy Thanksgiving Nia!

Come join the annual Family Nia class on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. There is so much to be grateful for – our families, our bodies and Nia! Let’s celebrate together.

The cost for the first family member is one class card or $15. Additional family members are $5 each. You decide what makes up a family. 🙂

GravOxy Fitness Studio
17 South Avenue, Natick

10:00 AM, Saturday, November 26, 2016

Nia for Gratitude

Join us for this annual post-Thanksgiving class for families. All ages are welcome!

We will share our gratitude and joy with our family and friends through movement, music and magic!

No prior experience necessary.

$15 per person / $25 family maximum

Nia Open House – Love Living in the Body You Have Right Now

It’s been a tough year and a half health-wise in my family and I have leaned on Nia to keep me centered when the going has gotten tough. One of the most important lesson I have embraced is to be grateful for the present moment. Most of them are absolutely fabulous. A few are not so great, but why waste the abundant wonderful moments worrying about a few less than great ones?

Especially important to me has been the realization that I have to love living in the body I have right now. I’ll never be 18 again and I’ll never have that body again, so I’m not waiting around for a better body to show up. Instead I choose to enjoy my life in the body I have today. And when I forget that, Nia reminds me. Nia reminds me that this body feels pleasure and joy and tenderness and excitement and everything that every body feels. I don’t need a different, better body. I only need to enjoy the life I’m living in mine.

I hope you will join me on Saturday, November 1 at 10:00 AM at 5 Summer Street in Natick for a FREE Nia class where we will all love living in the body we have right now. If you are already familiar with Nia, you know the Joy in store for you. Bring along a few friends so they can experience their own Joy! Nia is just too good not to share.

Nia Open House
Saturday, November 1st
10:00 – 11:00 AM

5 Summer Street (Top Floor)
Natick, MA

FREE – Bring a friend!!


Celebrating Another Birthday!

This year my annual Nia birthday celebration will be in honor of the the American Cancer Society – The Official Sponsor of Birthdays.

Come join us to celebrate any birthday that is important to you. No Nia experience is required. All are welcome.

Saturday, February 15th 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Impulse Dance Studio, 5 Summer Street, Natick, MA – Top floor

Suggested donation to ACS: $15

Celebrating Another Birthday

Gratitude Nia for the Whole Family

Saturday, November 30th from 10 – 11am
5 Summer Street, Natick

Adults $15
Under 18 $5

Bring your family and friends and explore gratitude through heartfelt, joyful dance and movement. No experience required.

Flyer: GratitudeNia

Life as Art – First Living Expressively Playshop in 2013

2012 has been a year of transformation for me and for just about everyone I know. Lots of changes in circumstances, jobs, relationships and direction. But a new year is coming and a new cycle in the Mayan calendar and where is all this transformation leading us? That’s what I keep asking myself. So I find that I am moved to take a journey of exploration and discovery with like-minded seekers to open myself to what life has in store for me next.

Thus the idea of “A Year of Living Expressively” was born. My intention is to offer a series of Nia-based playshops in 2013 where we can go deeply into the awareness of our physical bodies and our energy bodies, open to our emotions and imagination, so that we can express our truest selves in the world. That sounds like fun to me. I don’t have answers, but I am excited to facilitate an opportunity to see where the questions will take us.

So here’s the first playshop:

Life As Art
Sunday, January 13th from 1 – 3pm
5 Summer Street, Natick
$30 – Pre-registration required (call or email me)

And be sure to invite like-minded seekers.

Flyer:  Life as Art

I also intend to co-create some of these playshops with other leaders so that we can explore new methods of self-discovery and self-expression. If you are attracted to this idea, contact me and we can play together!