Nia Open House – Love Living in the Body You Have Right Now

It’s been a tough year and a half health-wise in my family and I have leaned on Nia to keep me centered when the going has gotten tough. One of the most important lesson I have embraced is to be grateful for the present moment. Most of them are absolutely fabulous. A few are not so great, but why waste the abundant wonderful moments worrying about a few less than great ones?

Especially important to me has been the realization that I have to love living in the body I have right now. I’ll never be 18 again and I’ll never have that body again, so I’m not waiting around for a better body to show up. Instead I choose to enjoy my life in the body I have today. And when I forget that, Nia reminds me. Nia reminds me that this body feels pleasure and joy and tenderness and excitement and everything that every body feels. I don’t need a different, better body. I only need to enjoy the life I’m living in mine.

I hope you will join me on Saturday, November 1 at 10:00 AM at 5 Summer Street in Natick for a FREE Nia class where we will all love living in the body we have right now. If you are already familiar with Nia, you know the Joy in store for you. Bring along a few friends so they can experience their own Joy! Nia is just too good not to share.

Nia Open House
Saturday, November 1st
10:00 – 11:00 AM

5 Summer Street (Top Floor)
Natick, MA

FREE – Bring a friend!!